Why is there Slaughter Info Here?

The reason for this is to help you understand the possible fate your horse may be subjected to if not sold properly.  Most people don’t want to think about their horse ending up at slaughter – but it is a real prospect if you do not follow the steps outlined, and continue to check in on the welfare of your horse for the rest of its’ life.  While this may sound like “work”, it can be as simple as (a) adding the new owner to your Facebook friends (b) setting an Outlook reminder to check in on your horse every so often, and (c) ensuring you sell your horse with a contract.

Often, a few years after selling a horse to a good home, people become lax about checking in on it… that is when your horse is at its’ most vulnerable!  A few years down the road the new owners situation may have changed (new baby, job loss, child loses interest, divorce, etc.) and the horse can change hands once or twice, then end up on a truck bound for the slaughter house.

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