Posts vs. Pages

I have learned a few things while sitting watching whether this site will grow or not.

I originally set up the main articles as “pages” instead of posts.  Since I have done that, I’m not allowed to use Categories or Tags.  Unfortunately, what that means, is that this site rarely gets picked up in the search engines.  I have found that more people reach the NotABreed blog by searching for ‘how to write a proper horse ad’ than end up here.  Fortunately, Re-Home Your Horse has been cross-referenced over there.  :)

All that being said, I think I will start doing “posts” as well as “pages”.  I will re-publish the pages as posts, even though the posts are what is connected to the front page.

If you’re confused, don’t feel bad.  I am too.  If you’re not confused… well, good for you.  LOL

It’s unfortunate that the pages don’t allow tags.  I guess not many people set up a “blog” as a static page that isn’t intended on changing much?

My one concern is that people who search for something and end up here, will comment on the post, and people who read the page won’t see the comments.  Good suggestions and information will not be able to be seen or shared between the two.  Hmmm… maybe I need to rethink this.  How do I fix this issue?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I do love the theme I found.  I especially like the menu tabs across the top.  But I can’t add posts to the menu, only pages or categories!

Aarrrgh.  I’m going around in circles here.

Please, someone help!

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